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mechanical engr CVFollowing is the example of Mechanical engineer cover letter for your CV or Resume  . You can download this cover letter for resume letter for fresh graduate mechanical engineer in word or pdf format or just view it online to copy and paste. cover letter for job application for mechanical engineer for applying for the post is also available. Just change the name , addressees , qualification and experience and your mechanical engineer covering letter for fresh graduate is ready.

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter

Address Line 1,
Date:26th June, 2015.

Hiring officer name,
Hiring Manager,
ABC Railroad Company,
Company Address,
Company City,
Company tel.

Dear Mr. Richardson,

Please accept my letter and resume in response to a mechanical engineer position advertised in newspaper.
In Dec 2014, I will be Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from ABC University. I would like to begin my career with a company/firm where I will have effective environment for knowledge, where with my skills and knowledge I will able to know about new things, and where my performance will be meet to company’s goals/needs.

As a mechanical engineer, I am perfect in engineering principles, applied tools and practices, mechanical system designing, building and testing. In addition, I have excellent knowledge about AutoCAD.

My key strength includes leadership, creativity, troubleshooting skills and quick problem solving ability.

I believe that I could make significant contribution to your firm. If you are interested in interview, please contact me at above telephone number or e-mail me on

Thank you for reading my letter and resume.



Thomas K Eden.

Enclosure Resume

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Do copy the correct sequence and avoid mistakes to make perfect Cv or resume. This resume us just a template change it according to your needs.

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