Role of Women in Pakistan Economy

Pakistan is one of the under developed countries of South Asia?s third world with a mass population of about 200 million which makes it fifth most populous country of the world. There is huge number of women that constitute the population of Pakistan and their number is about 101, 314, 780 which makes them 48.76 percent of the total population. Women can play a very vital and integral role in boosting the economy of a developing country like Pakistan. Women in Pakistan play dual role in terms of producer of goods and services and also performs regular house hold chores. In addition to the general house hold activities women in Pakistan contribute to 73 percent of labour in the villages and are involved in various kind of agriculture activities and manual labor sort of activities. If we want to enhance the women participation in the national economy we need to provide them with a number of services such as training in income generating activities, simple and easy terms to access the short term loans.

In general we can say that women occupy a very significant and decisive role in every aspect such as the social, cultural and economical life of Pakistan. Farming is the occupation of that defines the rhythm of life in Pakistan and most of the women are associated with this traditional occupation. In order to enhance the role of women in national economy we need to implement Gender Mainstreaming Strategy in Pakistan because societies that discriminate by the gender tend to experience less rapid growth and less poverty reduction that the societies where male and female are treated equally.

In order to grant more pivotal role to the women in national economy we need to grant women farmers more productive input along with capital along with providing them better means of education so that we can recognize the women as more efficient contributor of the society.

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