What is Number 1 Jobs Website ?

We have seen many jobs websites now a days claiming that they are number 1 or top career website in Pakistan. Are they all number one ? who rank them or what is the mechanism of grading? We will discuss that all in this article.

Factors on which jobs website is graded are

  • Total Website Traffic
  • Number of Job seekers that visit every day.
  • Number of employers who post jobs
  • Total Number of CV collected
  • Total jobs posted
  • Job posters find the right candidate.
  • Marketing and SEO

All the above factors are important to be no 1 job portal but all have a twist or manipulation which job based portals use.


Total Website traffic

Website traffic means people who visit their website daily it can be app visits as well. So here is a question arises that do website share their original traffic? publicly and the answer is no. They compare their traffic through Alexa or SimilarWeb like tools which has a lot of variation . So if someone is above on SimilarWeb he claims he is number one and if Some one is good at Alexa he said his website has more traffic, both claims to be No 1.


Number of Job seekers that visit every day

Number of job seekers are are calculated by Unique visitor who browse though jobs per day . That depends upon the number of jobs posted every day and in which categories the jobs are posted. If the number of categories on a job portal are less. few people will visit and if the categories and site structure is well built then there are chances of traffic hope.

Number of employers who post jobs

This shows that how many employers posted the jobs. This can be posted by employers or the staff of jobs portal .. more employers more jobs more visitors.


Total Number of CV collected

Total number of CVs collected by a website is another factor. The old the website the more CVs it has. As old cvs are of no use more then a year so claim is baseless and become a figure game only . Cvs collected in 1 year is is that matter mostly.

Total Jobs Posted

Again the older the website the more are the jobs. Jobs posted one month earlier are experienced mostly so that is also a base less reason to be number one.

Job posters find the right candidate

The most important function of a jobs website is to connect job seekers and employers so they can find the right job. But who knows they find the right person or not . Few surveys conducted by them selves which are not verified by third party .

Marketing and SEO

Spend Millions to get more jobs seekers employers and claim to be no 1? .? Same is the case with SEO? be first on google and people will follow.

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