Immigration to Australia PR

Australia PR or permanent residence is the name given to a non-citizen individual of Australia that posses a permanent visa of the country. A PR or permanent resident can work, live or acquire education without any limitations and restrictions in Australia. A permanent resident of Australia enjoys almost all the rights of that of the citizen of Australia with a few differences such as if they choose to travel internationally they have to make sure they have travel authority and a permanent visa. There are different types of Immigration to Australia PR applications such as Family Based Australian Permanent Residency, Skill Based Australian Permanent Residency, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, Business Innovation and Investment Visa and Skilled Independent Visa.

In order to apply for Immigration to Australia PR you have to follow a point based immigration process. The point based immigration system creates your eligibility for applying immigration to Australia PR on the bases of points you score that are based on multiple factors such as education, work experience, technical knowledge and also language proficiency. In order to apply for Immigration to Australia you need to have the key documents related to your education, experience and travelling details. There are two main documents that you require are IELTS results and Skill assessment report from the corresponding authority. There are different classes of Visa and you have to choose the most appropriate category of visa that is Sub Class 189 Non Sponsored Visa, Sub Class 190 State Nominated Visa and Sub Class 186 Employer Nominated Visa.

In the next step you have to choose an option from SOL that is occupation from the skilled occupation list according to the category of the Visa that you have chosen. In the next step you need to submit the Expression of Interest that includes your key profile details. In addition to above mentioned details you must also meet health and character requirements to apply for immigration to Australia PR

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