Dress Code for Job Interview in Pakistan

Dressing up for a job interview is one of the most crucial, important yet overlooked parts of the preparations that are made for any interview in order to acquire a job. In certain cases people do pose consideration towards what they are going to wear on the most crucial day of the job interview that is going to determine their future however their this consideration and effort is not always oriented in the right direction and they end up wearing something disastrous at their job interview.

The first mental note of your personality is marked inside the mind of the interviewer on the basis of your dress and the way you are carrying a certain outfit on you. In this article we are going to list some important points to make it clear what is the dress code of an interview and why you have to follow that dress code.

  • A neat and clean dress shows your serious attitude towards the job and present you as a well-turned out individual
  • A properly ironed dress adds to the esteem of your personality and makes interviewer feel that you are a formal person suitable of any formal job such as banking and executive job
  • Try to be conservative and safe regarding your dress and hold back creativity for time being to avoid being extra
  • A general rule of thumb is that your attire must not be bold or loud and its recommend to wear light colors or monotones to avoid overwhelming look
  • Try to choose solid colored, long sleeved and buttoned up shirts and dark colors for pants to give a crisp overall look
  • Your shoes and socks should be of dark color and make sure your shoes are properly polished
  • Don?t add extra flare and volume to your clothes as it will impart a shabby look

Dress Code for Interview in Pakistan

There are number of choices of dresses that you can wear for interviews as listed below

  • Dress Pants with Long Sleeved Buttoned Up Shirts in solid colors combinations
  • Solid Colored Formal Suit may be Two Piece or Three Piece with Printed Tie
  • Simple Wash and Wear Fabric Kameez Shalwaar with Solid Colored Waist Coat
  • Short Kurats with Stitched Cotton Pants if applying for an artistic job
  • Women can choose light colored shalwaar kameez with light embroidery
  • Women can also wear formal men suits or they can wear crisp white dress shirt with dress pants
  • Formal Shoes such as kitten heels are encouraged if you are applying for an executive level job
  • In order to give a more finesse look men can use studs, tie pins and lapel pins
  • Women can use pearl tops, light weight bracelets and light weight rings as well
  • Women can also add a hand bag in order to give a complete and formal look

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