Hindi valentine poems

Mohabbat Dukh Nahi Deti
Agar Be-Gharz Ho Jazba
Agar Manzil Baney Rasta
Agar Chahat K Pardey Main
Koi Lalach Na Ho Lipta
Agar Tum Sonp Do Sab Kuch
Silay Main Kuch Na Maango
Agar Sauda Na Ho Koi
Mohabbat Bas Mohabbat Ho
Tou Phir Ye Sukh Hi Deti Hy
Kabhi Dukh Nahi Deti
Mohabbat Dukh Nahi Deti
Happy Valentine’s Day … (:
(hindi valentine poems)

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  1. You are my life miss you evry time where are you in meri jaan

  2. I miss you too much raju from delhi pahargang you r my life happy valentine day 2 u

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