beautiful poems on betiyan

Bohat chanchal bohat khushnuma c hoti hain BETIYAN

Nazuk sa dil rakhti hain masoom c hoti hain BETIYAN

Baat baat par roti hain nadan c hoti hain BETIYAN

Hain Rehmat sy bharpor “KHUDA” ki nemat hain BETIYAN

Ghar b mehik uthta hy jab muskurati hain BETIYAN

Hoti hy ajeeb c kefiyt jab Chor k chali jati hain Ghar lagta hy soona soona kitna rula jati hain BETIYAN

Ye hum nahi kehte Ye to “KHUDA” b kehta hy k Jab hum bohat khush hote hain to paida karte hain BETIYAN.

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