At the first round I dedicate

At the first round I dedicate myself to the Lord To whom I am a sacrifice! I accept the word as Brahma and truth as the Vedas. I remember dharma and meditate on the name: Repetition of name leads to meditation. Devotion to the true Guru helps wash away sins. I have attained the spiritual stage of Sahj And have started relishing His name. Nanak! This is how I have made a beginning in the first round.

With the second round, I meet the true Lord To whom I am a sacrifice! I have become fearless and cleansed of the filth of ego. I fear God the pure, I sing His praises and feel His presence. My Master is omnipresent and I see Him everywhere. He is alone in and out, I meet him and I hail Him. Nanak! With the second round I enjoy the bliss of ecstasy.

(Guru Ram Das Jayanti sms)

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