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UPS dealers in Pakistan especially Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi price in Pakistan

| Blog | June 10, 2010

If you are a UPS  dealer in Pakistan then please enter your business name, Address and phone numbers in comments section. So that your buyers can reach you. No matter which city you belong, if you are a whole sale dealer then please enter your particulars below UPS  dealers  in Karachi, UPS  dealers  in Lahore and UPS  dealers in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi are specially instructed to enter their particulars here.

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42 Responses to “UPS dealers in Pakistan especially Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi”

  1. Syed Ali Abbas Arshad on October 18, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    Dear sir ,

    how are you today, dear sir my company name LIBRA INTERNATION our products LIBRA UPS .
    i hppe you call me or e-mailor TCS

    thanks for you ,
    syed ali abbas arshad
    House # 51Block 15 B1 Township lahore pakistan 54000

  2. True Online, High Frequency Sine Wave 1Kva and 2Kva Ups, in Short and long backup capability is for sale on lowest prices are available. LCD Display with software easy plug and play. please contact only Ups Dealers and Distributors. Technical document and pictures are available on resquest… Kindly Call 0300-6401612


    you have any requirement of UPS & LINE CONDITIONER contact me 0346-3242802

    Subject: SYSTEK a blend of Foreign Standards and Pakistani Expertise

    Dear Sir:

    We are one of the few R&D based companies in Pakistan which have been manufacturing Power Products for 20 years. We do understand local power conditions as well as requirements of Pakistani enterprises better than anyone else.

    We are proud to announce a significant technological breakthrough in the field of UPS, Stabilizer and Line Conditioner through development of 3rd Generation UPS based on the latest Atmel Series, RISC-Processor and development of Solid State Line Conditioner based on state-of-the-art PWM, Switch Mode Technology.

    Besides these we are also Exclusive Dealer of AEC UPS Brand in Pakistan. AEC is a renowned ITALIAN BRAND having offices world wide, manufactures range of UPS up to 400 kVA.

    Salient models of our Products are as follows:


    EXCELSIOR CLASSIC : 600 VA ~ 1.6 kVA
    Line Interactive /Sine-wave / RISC Processor based Intelligent UPS with AVR.

    Line Interactive /Sine-wave / RISC Processor based Intelligent, SNMP compatible UPS with AVR

    EXCELLENCE : 4.0 kVA ~ 8 kVA
    Line Interactive /Sine-wave / RISC Processor based Intelligent UPS, SNMP compatible with AVR

    ELIXIR : 1.2 kVA ~ 6.6 kVA
    Line Interactive / Pure Sine-wave /Intelligent UPS, SNMP compatible with AVR

    Solid State PWM / Under, Over Voltage, Spikes, Surge Protection / High Response Time (0.02 Sec)/Built-in Isolation Transformer/ Single Phase/ Three Phase

    AEC ITALIAN MAKE : 1.0 kVA ~ 400 kVA
    On Line Double Conversion, Pure Sine-wave, Single Phase and Three Phase, Built-in Isolation

    We will be very grateful, if you spare some time, so that we can convey the advantages of our latest developments and products in person.

    Thank you and best regards.

    Note: Any Requirements of UPS Contact Me As Soon As Possible

    Yours sincerely,
    Tariq Umair
    0 3 4 6 – 3 2 4 2 8 0 2

  4. Dear Sir,
    I need 30 pieces of 3 KVA UPS, Kindly send me your best prices as son as possible.
    Best regards,
    Amir Butt

  5. Dear Amir Butt Kindly Contact me at my E-mail Address & contact me feel free at my cell number plz


  7. @Tariq
    u r not picking up phone.
    contact me ASAP

  8. Biztek/ Nishica UPS for Computers and Power Backup

    We are Aztec Power Services, the dealer for Biztek Quality Power Solutions which manufacture UPS of very good quality. We are providing our products on wholesale and on very reasonable rates and with one year warranty to all the markets in Pakistan. Our product brands/names are Biztek UPS and we also make Big Power, Super Power, 3 Star and Nishica under the supervision of Biztek.

    Our Products are :-
    • 700 VA ———– 2×2.
    • 1000 VA ———– 3×3.
    • 1250 VA ———– 4×4.
    • 1500 VA (12 V)—- 6×6.
    • 1500 VA (24 V)—- 6×6.
    • 2.2 KVA ———– 8×8.
    • 3.0 KVA ———– 10×10.

    Mr. DASS

    Call: 0324-2622185, 0345-2805850.
    Or go to facebook page as:

  9. Mr. Aamir Butt please contact me on these numbers for 30 Pieces of 3 KVA UPS.
    0324-2622185, 0345-2805850

  10. ayaz ahmed khan on May 15, 2011 @ 11:10 pm

    please send dealer prices of UPS all vats local made best quality

  11. Media Inc.
    We are authorized distributor in Pakistan for Alfa Digital UPS (Made in Taiwan)

    1. Alfa Digital Line Interactive UPS range available
    650VA, 1000VA, 2000VA, 3000VA

    2. Alfa Digital On Line UPS
    Double Conversion, Pure Sinewave available range
    1KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA, 10KVA, 20KVA

    3. Alfa Digital (Invisimo) Long Backup UPS
    1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA, 3200VA


    22-F Gulberg-II, Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: 92- 42- 35788004 – 06. Fax: 92- 42- 35788007

  12. Dear All frineds you have any requirements kindly contact Email, or call 0346-3242802

  13. we are interested to get business together

  14. I need 25 1 KVA ups’ s, kindly send me prices.

  15. Dear Usman kinldy contact me on my cell number 0346-3242802 or mail

  16. Hello everybody kindly guide me i required AVRs of 20 KVA and 100KVA AND 1000 KVA

  17. CONTACT ME AT +92336-5 72 5 72 5

  18. waqas ali khan on October 31, 2012 @ 3:06 pm

    i need 100 pieces of snmp cards for 3 KVA ups. contact me as soon as possible. mob# 03455228428

  19. ups 20 kva 3 phase (40 nodes) 60 amp load with standard backup.Qty 1pcs
    ups 20 kva 3 phase (46 nodes) 64 amp load with standard backup. Qty 1pcs
    ups 10 kva 1 phase (20 nodes) 30 amp load with standard backup.Qty 1 pcs

  20. ups 20 kva 3 phase (40 nodes) 60 amp load with standard backup.Qty 1pcs
    ups 20 kva 3 phase (46 nodes) 64 amp load with standard backup. Qty 1pcs
    ups 10 kva 1 phase (20 nodes) 30 amp load with standard backup.Qty 1 pcs 03214137788

  21. dear sir ,

    we need online / line interactive ups upto 3kva for long and short back up . if any one has best competitive price then share us your technical details on my email which 03333491162 .


  22. Dear sir

    our UPS range is as follows:
    online series UPS: 1-80 KVA
    line-interactive series UPS: 0.5-6 KVA
    offline series UPS: 0.4-2 KVA

    You can contact me via phone or email:
    Hulda Hu
    86 755 26632536
    Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., Ltd

  23. Dear All,

    We are dealing in UPS and other power product – If any one required product, services and solution contact me.


  24. I need to replace the batteries of APC 6KVA UPS and 2x3KVA APC UPS contact me for details at

  25. I need to replace the batteries of APC 6KVA UPS and 2x3KVA APC UPS contact me for details at or at 99261371

  26. Uzair ur Rehman on October 28, 2013 @ 5:03 pm

    Dear all,

    We are the main importer and sole agent of Deutsche Power UPSs including line interactive and True Online Double Conversion UPSs.

    We are seeking our distributers in karachi and in interior sindh.

    Only serious buyers can contact at 0333-2267366.


  27. Dear Sir,

    I would like to introduce ourself, my name is M. Asim Hassan, Senior Sales Executive, Sales & Marketing (Battery Division) at NIZAM Energy Private Limited.

    NIZAM Energy is wholesalers, Authorize Distributor in Pakistan of world renowned brands including CanadianSolar, Morning Star, SMA, Lorentz, SMA, EPC Contractors, SACRED Sun and FIAMM Batteries for Solar Systems in Pakistan with a nationwide network. Our organization is a leading 3S distributor in Pakistan and serves diverse and specialized range in industries including Power, Oil & Gas, Cement Industries, IPPs, Defence, Telecommunication and Industrial segments. These industries are served with world renowned products including Solar Systems, Solar Pumps, Large scale Solar Power Plants, Industrial Batteries including Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium, Industrial/Telecom Rectifiers including Switch Mode and Thyristor Control and a wide range of Industrial Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) from 10kVA – 2MW with complete Power Solution.

    Currently we have very fresh stock of August/September-2013 and First time in Pakistan, NIZAM Energy is offering 1 Year, 2 Years & 3 Years replacement warranty for AGM and GEL Batteries in 12Volt & 2Volt Series, against any manufacturing fault/defect.

    12 Months for Maintenance Free AGM Technology (12Volt Series from 7Ah – 18Ah )
    15 Months for Maintenance Free AGM Technology (12Volt Series from 26Ah – 250Ah )
    18 Months for Maintenance Free AGM Technology (02Volt Series from 200Ah to 3000Ah)
    24 Months for Maintenance Free GEL Technology (12Volt Series from 100Ah to 200Ah)
    30 Months for Maintenance Free GEL Technology (02Volt Series from 200Ah to 3000Ah)
    The following batteries are available in fresh stock.

    S.No. Model Number Capacity STATUS

    1) Model: SP12-42 12V-42Ah Available
    2) Model: SPG12-45 12V-42Ah Available
    3) Model: SPG12-70 12V-70Ah Available
    4) Model: SP12-80 12V-80Ah Available
    5) Model: SPG12-90 12V-90Ah Available
    6) Model: SP12-100 12V-100Ah Available
    7) Model: SP12-150 12V-150h Available
    8) Model: SP12-245 12V-245h Available
    9) Model: SPG12-250 12V-250h Available

    We would like to extend our services to your esteemed organization and establish a long term and mutually beneficial business partnership. We are confident that you will make right choice in considering our SACRED Sun brand for your ongoing/upcoming project’s requirement. We also expect your support in promoting Good Quality Brand of VRLA Maintenance Free Batteries in both AGM/GEL Technology.

    We look forward to develop partnership with your esteemed organization.For any additional information or specific query please feel free to contact us and it will be our pleasure to assist you in providing the batteries that meets your requirement.

    Assuring you of our best services at all times.
    Best Regards,

    M. Asim Hassan
    Senior Sales Executive
    Sales & Marketing | Battery Division
    p: +92 21 35360583
    f: +92 21 35360584
    m: +92 3332377324

  28. Hi, i am looking for a 20-30KVA UPS with 3-phase input and 1-phase output..
    If anybody can help please contact on my cell..

  29. this is from China GuangZhou YinSu Electronic CO.Ltd.we have set an office in Islamabad,my name is Musa who in charge of the Pakistan market.our company focus on ATM pats,supply any parts of ATM:Diebold card reader,Wincor stacker,Wincor TP07 printer,Wincor EPP V5, Wincor V module,NCR cassette,NCR pick line,Diebold feed shaft,Wincor puller SP,Read head,Wincor belt,


    Modular:card reader,G5 card cage,pick module,Diebold Printer,Diebold pinpad.

    Electronic board:picker keypad,G4 display card,printer control board,G5 motherboard.

    supplies:belt, currency cassette, AFD PM Kits(feed roller+kit),gear.


    modular:12.1 LCD,pick module,card reader, presenter moudle,58 power supply.

    Electronic board:P4 motherboard,card reader control board serial ports,SSPA board,850 motherboard,Dispenser control.

    Supplies:currency cassette,gear,58 card reader feed roller, NCR vacuum cup, card reader magnetic head,58 currency door.


    Moudlar:currency cassette,card reader,double extractor unit MDMS CDM-V4.

    Electronic board:ID18 card reader magnetic head,SE,measuring station,V2XF card reader, dispenser board.

    Supplier:gear series, shaft seires, magnetiac head, plastic replacement part, Wincor feed roller.
    My e-mail ad:,my mob:03135337520.if u are interesting our product then contact with me,we discuss further,

  30. i am looking a 2000 watts ups pls kindly cntct me at 03418000649

  31. khawaja haroon on September 14, 2014 @ 2:30 am

    Dear sir ,
    how are you > dear sir my brand name hybrid mppt solar inverters available 1kva to 5kva
    i hppe you call me
    thanks for you ,
    khawaja haroon,

    Miclor road lahore pakistan 54000


    TAKE LOAD OF YOUR 1-1/2 TON AC, OR ANY OTHER SIZE, 1000W, 2000W, 3000W,


    TAKE LOAD OF YOUR 1-1/2 TON AC, OR ANY OTHER SIZE, 1000W, 2000W, 3000W,
    YOU CAN SMS OR CONTACT US ON 0333 5282038

  34. i have 2ndhand APC UPS MODEL SURT 10000XLI BATTERYS EXPIRE BEST CONDITION FOR SALE 3PCS 10000 WATT 10 KW 03008117744 3P OR 1P

  35. Dear All

    We are importer of Prolink Inverter all ranges and also deal in solar saz Solar panel and Batteries.

    Interested persons contact me at

  36. Rehmat Khalid on January 19, 2015 @ 12:32 pm

    We are dealers in branded UPS and dry batteries, n also provide support before and after installation throughout Pakistan.

    We also sell LED TVs in best price lower than market.


  37. our company has more than 25 years industy experience in power rated solution (UPS and Solar),

    UPS ranging in single phase or three phase from 1kva to MW in standard & long run. (Line interatvie, sine wave, Online).

    for any inquery please contact us.

    Khawar Aziz
    Systems International

  38. UniWorld Technologies on April 23, 2015 @ 11:08 pm

    We deals in APC – MGE brand UPS…… used n new … shorter backup or longer backup …. NARADA Batteries ……

    1 KVA 13,500/-

    1.5 KVA 17,500/-

    2.2 KVA 25,500/-

    3 KVA 30,000/-




    12 V, 100 Ah

    408 X 123 X 342 mm

    33.5 Kg

    Recharge Date : MARCH, 2015.

    Rs. 27,500/-


    12V, 150 Ah / 155 Ah


    MARCH, 2015

    Best Regards

    Murtaza Ajmi Khan
    Sales & Marketing Lead
    Cell: +92 321 499 70 60

    UniWorld Technologies
    Flat # 7, 3rd Floor, Tariq Centre, HIII, Johar Town, Lahore. 54770- Pakistan
    Phone: +9242 3595 14 95, Fax: +9242 3617 04 99.
    FaceBook Page :
    LinkedIn : UniWorld Lahore
    Skype Id : murtaza.ajmi1

  39. surt 3000 rm on April 24, 2015 @ 2:10 pm

    need used prices for 10 ups

  40. siraj zaidi on May 7, 2015 @ 2:30 pm

    3phase ups 30kva give me price and specification

  41. i m in need of power line conditioner of 20 kva & 10 kva in karachi preferred imported my cont. # 0333 3373 063 its urgent.

  42. Pakistan solar Services on June 17, 2015 @ 2:38 pm

    We deals in Solar Energy, we required electrical and Electronics engineers who can design and develop off-grid portable device.


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