Mara Swas Ma Taro Sawas Porvaylo Che

Mara Swas Ma Taro Sawas Porvaylo Che
Mara Hraday Maa Tari Chabbi Porvayli Che

Tari Bah Maa Mari Bah Porvayli Che
Tara Magaj Maa Mara Vichar Porvayla Che

Tane Bhale Marathi Prem Hoye Ke Na Hoye
Tara Sapna Maa Mara Vicharo Porvayla Che

Hun Bhale Tara Maate Kai Nathi
Maro Jiv Taara Maa Porvaylo Che..

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  1. I want gujrathi shayari, please send me on my email ID thanks you.