Post code Quetta Pakistan (Zip code QUETTA )

Post code Quetta Pakistan or Zip code QUETTA is 87300

Telephone code PTCL of Quetta : 081 (+92 81)

(All postal codes or zip codes provided on this websites are correct on the date they are published. Postal codes can be changed or transfered. You can use this post code in sending a letter or finding someone )

If you are from QUETTA or know about it then tell us and and our readers about it in comments section

17 thoughts on “Post code Quetta Pakistan (Zip code QUETTA )

  1. abdulrahman

    quetta is natural buetty city,peaceful ,people are very welcoming people all in all is a place to be.

  2. shoaib

    Quetta is very fantastic city to live..its weather is so beautiful.and peoples are friendly.
    caring and brave.

  3. Abdullah Abdullah of

    Don’t come to quetta panjabi,otherwise your coffin will go to yours home.quetta is only for baloch and pathan.

  4. anayatyounas

    i love pakistan nd all the cities of pakistan are very beautiful nd that’s 100% rongs who say that quetta is only for pathan and baloch no quetta is for every pakistane

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