Post code MIANWALI Pakistan (Zip code MIANWALI)

Post code MIANWALI Pakistan or Zip code MIANWALI is 42200

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2 thoughts on “Post code MIANWALI Pakistan (Zip code MIANWALI)

  1. Muhammad Umer Abdullah Khan

    I am from MusaKhail Mianwali. Currently living in Johar Town Lahore. Mainwali is a very historical place of Pakistan, and the only place having Desert of Thal, indus river, and Mountains full of minerals. People are very loving, honest, brave, fond of friendship and show great hospitality to visitors/strangers. Weather of Mianwali is extreme, in summer often cross 50 degree and in Winter cross 0 degree. The area depends on agriculture for most of its income. Wheat, Cotton, and citrus fruits are the main crops. Volley ball, Cricket, Hockey and Kabadi are favourite games. Guns Collection and Hunting is also popular among masses. Tent pegging championship also held annually in Horse and cattle show. People wear traditional shalwar qameez and don’t like wearing Pant shirt. Musical evenings on marriages are very common. Atta-Ullah Esakhalvi, Misbah Ul Haq, Imran Khan, Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi, Dr Shair Afghan, Nawab of Kalabagh, Maulana Kausar Niazi, Dr Ajmal Niazi are famous personalities of Mianwali.


    Muhammad Umer Abdullah Khan
    “If one day we all are allowed to put our troubles on the table and exchange them, after few moments everyone would silently take his own and leave happily”

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