Post code Islamabad Pakistan (Zip code ISLAMABAD)

Post code ISLAMABAD Pakistan or Zip code ISLAMABAD is 44000

(All postal codes or zip codes provided on this websites are correct on the date they are published. Postal codes can be changed or transfered. You can use this post code or pin code of Islamabad Pakistan for sending a letter or finding someoneĀ )

If you are from ISLAMABAD or know about it then tell us and and our readers about it in comments section

22 thoughts on “Post code Islamabad Pakistan (Zip code ISLAMABAD)

  1. Tayyab

    As above mentioned website, the zip code does not exist error shown when i enter 44000 as Islamabad zip code,
    send me the details of Isb zip code, which is used internationally, as soon as possible

  2. Munir Ahmad Bhatti

    Well done boys, congratulations to be 2nd placed team at league table of epl edition 2014,
    Keep working hard you will definitly win trophy this time at the end of season 2014

    keep pressure on the opponents, don’t relaxed


    Munir Ahamd Bhatti,
    From Islamabad Pakistan

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