Those who spread corruption, severe penalties for them, Khutba Hajj

Mufti Azam Saudi Arab Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-SheikhKhutba Hajj dictates that those who spread corruption, severe penalties for them.  Mufti Azam Saudi Arab Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said that Islam don’t allow murder of any body wrongly, that Muslim is better by whom individuals, those who spread corruption are Allah’s enemy severe penalties.  He was addressing at Mosque Nimra where in lakhs of hajjis get together for Waqoof-e-Arafat. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said that international media quite busy, bad deeds are on their peak, Islmaic countries media channels should perform constructive job. He said that Islamic countries should not use weapons against their own people; instead blood should negotiate with each other. He said that business community should play their role in removing interest system from society, remove inflation. He said that Islam didn’t allow any type of terrorism, those who spread corruption Allah allocate different punishments for them.  Sheikh Abdul Aziz said that Ummat-e-Muslima and other nation benefit mutual cooperation should increase, implementation of Shariat will help to remove many bad deeds from society, justice based system should be adopted and in routine life ethics should preferred, unity of all Muslims is the only solution for enemies of Islam.

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