Pop Band of 1960’s “The Beach Boys” has released their 1st new single

the beach boysPop Band of 1960’s “The Beach Boys” has released their 1st new single. Meeting of the 1960s pop group The Beach Boys have released a new teaser single track in their first two years – “That’s why God made a fantastic voice on the radio called the five parts of Southern California surfing smooth regression This song is the album of new material, the group worked for a 50th anniversary tour, opened the first single from the prelude to Tuesday closed earlier. It is an honor to the radio, it means that so many people, singer and songwriter Mike Love said, “a promotional video on YouTube. Added: “This is the new single from our new album … If you love harmony, it is to knock your socks, aluminum dross.

Jardine and original Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and Love, the singer of cooperation and Bruce Johnston and David Marks, album and concert tour will be. Brothers Carl and Dennis Wilson, part of the original line in 1960 in California died in 1983 and 1998, respectively. New, yet unnamed album, due June 5 release. Johnston told Billboard.com the album “All new material.

“There are many, where are you, I hope to hear Brian (Wilson), it’s not a quilt, or a pot luck dinner, he does not like,” OK, show us your songs. “Johnston said:” This is not one of those LP. Brian is a lot there, and Mike (Love). This is just happy to know that Mike Love and Brian Wilson are still writing together. In the 1960s, a microcosm of the Beach Boys hit arbitrary freedom as “vibrations” and “California Girl” culture of Southern California surfing.

The group reunited in the 1960s and 1970s, and now in Phoenix, Arizona, Tower City Tuesday 40th anniversary, will play the Jazz Festival in New Orleans and the Bonnaroo Music Festival, their performance.