Pakistan railways decide to restart Shalimar Express

pakstan railways Pakistan railways decide to restart Shalimar Express. Department Railways temporary close 115 passenger trains after business train handed over Shalimar train to private sector. Business and Shalimar Trains will start from January next year.  Shalimar train which runs between Karachi and Lahore was closed from last one year.  Now it is announced to restart with collaboration of private sector. Shalimar train tickets responsibility and during journey checking contract handed over to private sector. According to railways resources Shalimar train handed over to private company air cell on annual basis of 51crores. Train 7 economies, 2 lower ac and 1 based on parlor class coach which every morning from Karachi and Lahore move on 6:30am and will reach on 10:30am morning to its destination.


  1. i hope shaleemar express pakistan ko buhraan se nikale gi.

  2. Ok service is very well But I think one stoped is missed Nawab Shah or Padadid that stops cover nawab shah moro Neshro feroz Sangher and Khairpur south side if possible please stop both side or only UP Train.

  3. Sorry Padadin