Most visited websites of Pakistan

Today i will share with you list of top 10 most visited websites of Pakistan. We have made the list of top 10 most visited websites of Pakistan by looking in to alexa ranking for those websites. Website here are sorted by traffic and owned by Pakistani owners operating in Pakistan on 22 April 2012.

Top 10 most visited websites of Pakistan

  1.Ā  (Alexa rank -13)
  2. (Alexa rank -16)
  3. (Alexa Rank – 19)
  4. (Alexa rank – 30)
  5. (Alexa rank – 52)
  6. (Alexa rank – 56)
  7. (Alexa rank – 65)
  8. (Alexa rank – 67)
  9. (Alexa rank – 68)
  10. (Alexa rank – 77)


Website rating changed almost daily but the main competition in terms of traffic is between these 10 websites they mostly takes each other position.

* We haven’t included Facebook and Other international websites in this list .

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  1. Blog about Information- Leadership, Horoscopes, Research and Technology.

  2. mostly news websites. 60%

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