Karakoram Express (Karachi to Lahore) Train timing, fares & railway stations

Karakoram Express timing, Karakoram Express fares, ticket price and railway stations where Karakoram Express stops on the way from Karachi to Lahore.

Karakoram Express Train timing & Stations (Karachi to Lahore)

Stop Arrival Departure
HYDERABAD JN 18:20:00 18:25:00
NAWABSHAH JN 19:56:00 19:58:00
ROHRI JN 22:40:00 23:05:00
KHANEWAL JN 05:10:00 05:30:00
FAISALABAD 08:20:00 08:25:00
LAHORE JN 10:25:00

Karakoram Express Train timing & Stations (Lahore to Karachi)

Stop Arrival Departure
LAHORE JN 16:00:00
FAISALABAD 17:55:00 18:00:00
KHANEWAL JN 20:50:00 21:10:00
ROHRI JN 03:15:00 03:40:00
NAWABSHAH JN 06:02:00 06:04:00
HYDERABAD JN 07:50:00 07:55:00
LANDHI JN 09:50:00 09:52:00
DRIGH ROAD 10:20:00 10:22:00

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