India will be declared Islamic country by 2050

India as Islamic countryIndia will be declared Islamic country by 2050 following is the proof fand matemitacal caluctions that will show that India will be a Islamic country in 2050 and Muslim population is the ultimate danger ahead for Hindus in India. The below is based on facts and figure!

In 1947-hindu(incl. sikh, budhist,jain etc)-33 crore-90%
-muslim-3 crore-8%
-christian-0.7 crore-2%

in 2008-hindu(incl. sikh, budhist,jain etc)-82crore- 73.9%(growth rate in 61 years 249% @ 4.07% /year)
-muslim-25 crore-22.5%( growth rate in 61 years 833% @13.7% /year)
-christian – 4 crore- 3.6%

from the above, the growth(incl. infiltration around 5 cr.) in 61 years by muslims r more than 580% that of hindus(incl. like hindus)! and hindus reduced by 16.1% in simple arithmetic in 61 years where as muslims increased by 14.5% in terms of population percentage!

in simple calculation, if muslim & hindu maintain same growth rate(i.e 13.5% /year for muslim and 4.07% / year for hindu), after 27 years in 2035, MUSLIM WILL BECOME ABSOLUTE MAJORITY IN INDIA( total population :197.7 crore). Conversion, threatening, rioting, slaughtering, terrorism, intrusion, polygamy, no birth control are being the major tools for muslim to reach that figure within the said period.

in 2035 –muslim-92.5 crore-48.2%
–hindu- 90.2 crore-46.9%
-christian- 9.5 crore-4.9%


by 2050-muslim-189.62 crore-63.8%(INDIA WILL BE DECLARED ISLAMIC COUNTRY)
-hindu-95.7 crore-32.2%
– christian-12.0 crore-4.0%


So that will show that India will be a Islamic country by 2050 . What you think write in comments section.


  1. Pro-Subcontinentian

    Maulana Abu al Kallam Azad Said that if you were going to divide the sub continent you should have done in this way that current India should be East India and Pakistan be called West India , In this way we could emerge as super power of the world , religion should be an individuals business and it should be separate from the state. Britishers had scared the major power of Indian sub continent as to become a major threat to west in future so divided it. Azad published a book and asked to ban it and to reopen after 20 years in that book it was revealed that Pakistan will be disintegrated that happened in the name of Bangladesh. Still Pakistan is facing insurgency in Balochistan and Sindh is also demanding freedom . same picture can be seen in India there are Tamil freedom fighters and others who wants freedom from India.
    It was better that there should be made a confederation of India and states should be autonomous , with union economy , union currency.
    Hope that we Indian (Original dwellers of Mother India) once again unite.
    Jeay SindhuDesh