Hockey match between Pakistan & Spain will be played today

hockey matchHockey match between Pakistan & Spain will be played today. The third Olympic hockey champion began in Pakistan in Spanish men Riverfront Stadium, Sports on Monday a new action event Bluegrass explosion, the glorious task to the London Olympics.

Pakistan, hoping to restore its former glory, and finally the crowning of the Olympic champion and the Olympic Games, courtesy of the 2010 gold medal in Asian Games 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

However, unfortunately, the only movement in the station of Pakistan the opportunity to win the gold medal in the Olympic qualifying countries not.

Pakistan to complete between 12 participating countries, frustrating eighth in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, after the leader of the 2012 Olympic Games on the other the Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia, they completed the final performance of the poor.

Pakistan Hockey Federation (Housing Fund), to strengthen the review of the London team, the trio experienced, Rehan Butt and Wasim Ahmed Chaki Miguel, Brazil, but not to include it in order to improve ball team of destiny, because they lost back to the warm-up match (5-1) (2-0) in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Pakistan captain Sohail Abbas, however, is optimistic.

Sohail said: “We have a serious challenge. “But if we play to our potential we can beat any side effects.

“Our team is a heady mix of youth and experience, because Spain is a very good team, we need to put our chances.”

On Pakistan coach 阿赫塔尔拉 also echoed the views of Sohail.

“The boys said that to avoid individual play and work as a team,” he said.

Around Spain and Pakistan faced the last time, it is Greenshirts trophy suffered a blow to the reverse 5-2 in Auckland.

Coach Khwaja Junaid, keep in mind that the failure of reflection, which said: “Both teams are matched, the boys take the opportunity to

Spain is the world number five and Germany in the final to face four years ago.

Meanwhile, defending champion Germany faces a difficult challenge, capture their title, with Australia and the Netherlands ambushed.

Each team is divided into two groups, each group of six two sides in each group progress to the semifinals.

This is the first time the Olympic hockey played on the field is not green – London Riverside Stadium is bright blue, pink, surrounded.

The purpose of the new color scheme is to make the game easier to follow viewers and spectators.