Government decides to inflate petrol, oil and gas prices from 1st August

CNGGovernment decides to inflate petrol, oil and gas prices from 1st August. Federal Government from 1st August increase prices of petrol Rs.1 per liter however gas prices increases to Rs.50 per MMBT, ministry of petroleum and OGRA has finalized summary which for acceptance soon will send to government. It is told petroleum products prices increases to 50paisas per liter summary is ready in which petrol, kerosene oil and high octane prices increased from 50 paisa to Rs.1 however diesel prices reduced to Rs.50 paisa per liter, oil prices are increasing keeping in view international price increase. Resources told that government for gas users implement federal tax which is given name of gas development surcharge.  BY the implantation of such tax domestic, commercial and industrial user’s gas is 40 to 50 MMBT and normal users’ gas monthly bills. According to NNI government decides to finish compensation which is given to users of electricity that is 1 to 50 users however subsidy which is given should be reduced till next 12 months which is12billions and by this reduction there is increase of 16% in electricity bills.