Faiza Rasheed (MPA) resigns due to KP speaker’s attitude

Dr. Faiza RasheedFaiza Rasheed (MPA) resigns due to KP speaker’s attitude.Dr Faiza Rasheed a PPP, the General Assembly of Khyber PK, legislators of the legislation on Tuesday to resign in protest against the government does not have to take measures for gynecology in Haripur district, rather than let the issues on the floor of his house.Dr Faiza, after the end of the procedure of Khan Kiramatullah President submitted his resignation. She said she would make public some very important questions, but unfortunately, the speaker did not let her talk to reporters. That’s why she resigned her seat.Faiza said that his resignation Dr. Amira Takreem gynecologist, Women and Children Hospital Haripur took on his insulting behavior with patients not taking any action. She says Amira was forced to it, not government-run facilities, a private hospital where she is currently receiving treatment for poor patients. , Faiza said, adding that due to the negligence of the gynecologist, four women gave birth to a child on the road, while the mother and her child died recently in another case.She said she has proposed, on the floor of the house, the probe has asked about this, but ignored the demand.Originally Haripur District, belonging to the PPP and was elected in the February elections MPA2008 years in the seats reserved for women.In response to a problem, she said the doctor and the medical director of Amira Mohamed Nawaz to protect everyone, it would not stay in the house lawmakers, it does not even have his voice on public affairs.