Election Commission issued schedule for 2013 elections

ballot boxesElection Commission issued schedule for 2013 elections. The schedule announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday, May 11 vote in the National Assembly and Provincial Council elections immediately treat the movement.

According to the notification ECP, the return of persons in all districts must today (March 23) issued a notice requiring potential candidates to submit nomination papers. Returning Officer from March 24 to March 29 items will be accepted. Communications will be from March 30 Review.

ECP, the appointment of the new paper format designed column in the financial history of potential candidates and their families list was sent to the region. Under consideration of the proposed program, the returning officer shall send a scanned copy of the Headquarters Committee ECP composed of Commission officials, the Federal tax (FBR), the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the National Database and Registration Committee (NADRA “) will be checked candidates or their assigns, if the government defaulted loans, tax or other fees.

Returning officer for filing review after April 5, according to the Committee’s comments and opponents of the opposition presented. April 9 may submit nomination papers to accept or reject the call.

These people have reservations about the decision of the returning officer, will be moved to the Electoral Tribunal, provides an opportunity. Court Judges of the High Court, the case to solve, April 16.

A withdrew its candidate in the April 17 candidates who want to keep. The final list of candidates, polls show the next day, April 18.

In addition to election day, the schedule is also applicable to the reserved seats for women and ethnic minority candidates. All parties must submit a list of candidates for the seats reserved in advance.

272 of the 342 seats in the National Assembly, directly elected by the interrogation. The remaining seats, 60 are reserved for women and 10 non-Muslim minorities.

Similarly, the Punjab Parliament to 297 seats directly challenged a total of 371. 67 seats reserved for women, eight are reserved for minorities.

Parliament in the province of Sindh, a total of 168 seats, 130 are directly challenged, 29 reserved for women and nine reserved for minorities. Similarly, in the Khyber – Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, in direct competition for the 51 seats reserved for women 22 is reserved for non-Muslims, a total of 124 seats.

Balochistan Assembly, at the same time, there are 51 places directly challenged, 11 are reserved for women and 3, a total of 65 seats reserved for ethnic minorities.

The distribution of seats reserved for the basis of the number of seats won by political parties in the direct election of women and minorities. However, regular seats in the election of women and minorities may also be questioned, either as an independent or party tickets.