ECP remained firm on amendments in nomination papers

ecpECP remained firm on amendments in nomination papers. ECP nomination papers continued standoff between the Pakistani government and the amendments to the electoral commission. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), pending the decision of the President shall be ordered to print the same ancient form of evening until Monday afternoon after nomination form its recommendations.

When Senator News Contact presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar on Sunday night, he said, the Minister of Justice in the settlement of this case, he does not know if it was referred to the President and if the state is.

It is reported that President Bush is facing a difficult situation on the correct choice of strong reservations on the electoral commission of the Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs and refuse to submit written.

Election Commission refused its records, in order to adapt to the comments and suggestions of the Legal Department and the project, and the Ministry has proposed splitting the chair.

“Although the government has already demonstrated its willingness to torpedo accordance with the Constitution and the decision of the Supreme Court in our amendment, we still expect a positive development officials ECP officials of the Office of the President, said:” When News came to him, he comments on the issue.

He said the work of the Electoral Commission to prepare a nomination form, a filter, rather than letting the elements of the “dirty” even appear in the official list of candidates, but the government and the opposition deliberately obstruct efforts.

Why the opposition parties, including the PML-N, Muttahida National Movement, Pierre-E Islamic and National People’s Party, was silent on this issue? They must open government and opposition relationship with the broad masses of the people, “the official said. He complained that their silence is regrettable that at this stage, the Electoral Commission is worrying.

About all other options to prevent tax evaders, bank loan defaulters who got their loans written off, or to participate in any form of criminal activity, cleaning bid phase, the official pointed out, they are now focused on the automation system center line (OCAS).

He said, disappointed on the one hand, the negative attitude of the new government and the opposition of the application form, on the other hand, it’s exciting, must pay attention to these political forces are exposed to their own actions .”Needless to say, that we have offered a very fair Reservations encouraged a liar and a new fault into the fairness and transparency of the legislative bodies,” he said.

He said that the government is not interested in electoral reform, including simple things like less than 50 percent of the vote, and if the female voters in the polling station to vote is less than 10% of candidates won the case re-vote. “Assuming there are 0.4 million registered voters in the constituency and the return of candidates to participate in 10 or 20% of the total electorate, how can it represent the entire constituency, he did not. ”

In his recent visit to the Election Commission, Law Minister Farooq · ĤNaek told the press, electoral reform is unlikely to be passed by Parliament, because a few days off to complete the term of the National Assembly. ECP official noted that the Electoral Commission, but also the interests of the absence of government legislative dissatisfaction cover of conduct, and issued its directive advertising came back a few days, advertising began to appear again in the print and electronic media.

How can we take action against these violations, the powers of the Electoral Commission and the agencies do not match,” he asked. It is reported that at least 010 million application forms will be printed in two to three days allocated in the four provinces by the provincial election commission chief election district.