Drone strikes criticizes China, Brazil & Venezuela

drone strikesDrone strikes criticizes China, Brazil & Venezuela. U.S. government has defended its use of drone attacks in Pakistan , Yemen and other countries in the United Nations , told a room full of great criticism of the country, for the deployment of President Obama unmanned aerial attacks on the purpose of the organization “base” is ” is required by law and justice . ”

A number of countries, including Brazil, China and Venezuela , lined , denounced the Obama administration’s intensive use of drone attacks . But the U.S. delegation to the United Nations building in New York , the president has taken steps to introduce new guidelines and standards , and put no legal basis for the deployment of weapons in the fight against the organization ” of base “and the plenary session of the Assembly, said the threat of his subordinates.

Debates United , Nations book marks the first time the members met to discuss the growing militarization and the use of aircraft full remote control of international legal issues it raises . It peaked within 10 days of the time, the legality of drones has attracted headlines with the release of two UN report also strongly condemned the programs.

The authors discuss the two reports of the UN debate on Friday , starting with Christoph Heyns , UN Rapporteur on extrajudicial , summary or arbitrary executions, the Special Rapporteur. His study did not the pilot countries and the danger of proliferation of weapons terrorist organizations.

In his opening remarks at the debate at the UN, Heyns said: ” . UAVs are here to stay ” He says he tries to make the case of unmanned aircraft , essentially , is illegal :” It is difficult for the driver that a weapon system is illegal because not on board . ”

But he added that the drones easily across international borders, often secretly deployed. “So this is my point of view, even if they are not illegal , they pose a challenge, especially when they often use secret , raise the question of responsibility. ”

The second UN experts , human rights and the Special Rapporteur on the fight against terrorism Ben Emmerson returned to the theme of responsibility. 33 drone attacks have resulted in civilian casualties could have been called a violation of international law, its ongoing investigation into the fatal against terrorism extraterritorial action ended.

He said at the meeting, the country is the lack of transparency, ” the greatest obstacle to drone attacks against civilians carried out the impact assessment , which is a challenge , which makes it very difficult assess the precise targeting objective ” claim.

He urged delegates to consider the need for the absolute prohibition of participation in joint military operations secret agreement between the hot countries. Emerson state of confusion exists in international law that the drones also stressed: ” Despite the proliferation of this technology, but there is still a lack of consensus among international law and the fundamental principles of law. ” He added: ” It is not without problem driver, the problem is the lack of transparency , it is legal to deploy drones deadly force . ”

British three countries and the United States and Israel, the most watched by aircraft unmanned attack aircraft , also tries to defend its military deployment technology . Emerson reports that the British government has just reported an incident involving civilian casualties in March 2011 in the battle of the Royal Air Force in Afghanistan , four civilians were killed .

The mission of the United Kingdom , trying to defend his use of unmanned aircraft of the military situation on the ground staff said, arms control systems and therefore not “independent” or robots debate – a condition that will push to most legal experts opinions illegal . Britain does not intend to replace the drones with independent control arms, the United Nations has been telling me , and the Air Force Royal drone belonging to the same stringent military rules for hiring drivers regular hunting .

But some questioned the legitimacy of weapons. Venezuela said the drone “flagrant violation ” and said his accounts , 1800 injured – only 10% of people are ” targeted individuals . ” The representative of Venezuela said: ” It’s like a collective punishment. ”

Brazil would like to know where the line will be drawn on potential targets for drone attacks . “In some areas , we may have terrorist sympathizers – which means that they become” fair game “just because they are sympathetic to a particular cause , they are legitimate attacks target drones , killing one another , there are uncharted waters . ”

China, which is usually kept away from the more controversial international conflicts are driven UAV gaps “in international law , this gap is being abused state …… We must respect the principles of the UN Charter , sovereign countries and all legitimate national rights of citizens. “