DHA City Lahore Scam & Fraud

Dha is a big name and people trust them but what about DHA city ? Is it DHA ? the answer is big NO. DHA and DHA City are two different companies. So dont invest in DHA city if you are thinking that its part of DHA. Following points will prove that that DHA City Lahore Scam & Fraud.

1- Call 042- 111-342-457 which is offical number of DHA Lahore and ask them about DHA City and they will tell you that DHA city is not a project of defense housing authority.

2- Habib Bank souses  told us that DHA City have collected enough amount which is equal to total cost of 50,000 plots . But still they are advertising and asking people to book confirm plot. you are not going to get confirm plot if you apply now.

3- No location is given that where the socity is going to be built. That means they dont have acquired land yet.

4- Development charges is not given in the cost. So it can be 50,000/ marla , 100,000 / marla or may be more

5- According to Business recorder supreme court has asked for  explanation from DHA City.

If there are so much problems and loop wholes in DHA City so its better to avoid it.  So my suggestion is dont make investment in DHA Cite Lahore.


  1. Dear Jabbar ul haq,
    Thank you for your nice comments, and I am agree with you, but worried also because they are not updating their website and even not disclosing the location. When I visited last time DHA city office at DHA Eme Sector, one lady told me that probably their will be 30% development charges. If so, then it will be too costly.

    Regards to all

  2. this is totaly furad scheme behind this scheme bih fishies

  3. Is there any future of Dha city lahore?
    The people purchased their plots by trusting the management of the society but unfortunately the project is hanging. Playing with the innocent people is not permitted in our religion rather doing good is the lesson given by Almighty Allah and Rasool Allah s.a.w.w.

  4. Unfortunatly Many plot holders are still doubted about the scheme, scheme must be completed with in two years and still no one knows what will be the future of this dhacity Lahore. totally fraud people are the management of this scheme
    j khan

  5. Then why DHA City documents are processed and transfer letters are collected from DHA Lahore Phase VI office ?