Dajjal on one US dollar currency note

Dajjal found on one US dollar currency note back side.Most of thr religions beleve on Dajjal and every thing told about dajjal is one dollar $ currency note of America which is shown in the following image

dajjal on one dollar currency note

Following characteristics of dajjal are mentioned on one dollar currency note.

  • One eye like dajjal.
  • On one hand of dajjal there will be things to eat and in other hand things to kill.

What you think is Us currency notes are printed keeping these things in mind ? or this is just a co incident ? do comment


  1. Allah Sab ky sath ha aor wo kabi be azmish lay sakta ha ham yaa nai kah saktay ky kon aa raha ha yan kon jaa raha ha. main tu kahta hon jiss ky pass Emaan ke taqat ha wo kabi be nai kabrata chay kana dejaal aay yan phir feroon ajay……Allah Hoo Akbar

  2. Nabeel Anderson

    hey guys why you all jealous to UNITES STATES OF AMERICA? united states of america is the best country in the world thats all……

  3. long live united states of america…..

  4. Masha allah……….!!!

  5. Your are just fuck-in american tout.

  6. That is Crazy. I found Dajjal today, too, in the Dollar.
    This is a big thing. I think the big bosses in americans prepare for Dajjal. Because of that they hate muslims. I think Dajjal is coming soon and he will say that he is god, but that is not true. When Dajjal comes, all americans look in the Dollar and they think: Yes this is god, but that is a lie. God hasn`t got one Eye. Allah akbar

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoRCgZAxaDs

    please watch this ….realeted by dajjal

  8. Muje Sochna Parega


  9. Dont worry DAJJAL WILL COME BUT WILL BE KILLED BY ISA ALISALAM (JESUS CHRIST) INSHALLAH …Jesus will come in this world again and he will come as ummati of Mohammed (swas) peace be upon him…

    Allah is the protector of all muslim belivers..

    wE ARE NOT AFRAID OF dajjal