Competing candidates list in elections 2013 finalized by ECP

ECPCompeting candidates list in elections 2013 finalized by ECP. The file has topped the list of candidates for the election, the Election Commission of Pakistan has rejected the nomination in 1209, 6850, 16229 valid documents of the 272 general seats of the National Assembly and provincial application form Assembly 2787 .

Returning Officer (ROS), 105 rejected articles to apply for the 60 seats in the lower house of parliament and 269 to apply for provincial council seats reserved.

There are 10 seats in the National Assembly of ethnic minorities and 93 more nominations submitted, these seats are rejected.

The data show that candidates contesting general seats of the National Assembly, a total of 23,079. However, this is not the final count of candidates do not have the possibility to withdraw its candidate.

Wise by failure of the province, two seats in the 147 NA candidates submitted nomination papers Islamabad. But 19 were rejected, leaving 128 voting function.

Office has rejected 105 apply for NA and 269 women in provincial council seats reserved candidacy. The total number of candidates in the national and provincial assemblies 812.

69 non-Muslim seats held NA and 168 provincial council nominations were rejected. NA the number of valid nominations is 69 and 168 provincial council.

Punjab classified paper presents the application and refused to over 4076 candidates have applied for 148 seats in the lower house, 620 refused. The province has 35 seats reserved for women in the NA and the nomination of 10 candidates was rejected. The number of valid votes is 121.

Provincial Council, the 9583 paper was applied for 207 general seats in 1205 rejected, leaving only 8378 candidates. Reserved seats of women standing in 66 offices in 10 nominations rejected. There are eight non-Muslims and reserved seats in the nomination of a candidate were rejected.

2007 candidates from Sindh province, put forward their own candidate, General NA 61 seats. People, 388 people to be laid off, leaving only 1619 candidates. 14 Reserved for documents nomination of women 44 were rejected.

The Shun Tak assembly 130 general seats reserved for women and 29 for minorities 9. Office rejected the application in 1067 to a request for general seats, 121 seats and 70 seats minority women.

945 Khyber – Pakhtunkhwa province, 35 general seats of NA candidates submit nomination papers. The number of rejected 106 people, left 839 general seats in the region. The number of seats reserved for women KP 8 and 34 cases applications were declared invalid.

The provincial council has 99 general seats, 22 seats reserved for women and three non-Muslim. Office has rejected 285 seats in 2572 general appointment. Reserved seats for women, the nominations of 102 candidates were rejected.

In the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, 445 candidates filed their papers, and 12 seats of provincial councils, of which 51 were rejected, and left in the field 394.

The number of candidates who made the 14 seats of the 439 NA, 25 were rejected.

Balochistan 51 parliamentary seats reserved for general women 11 and three against minorities. The office has rejected the applications for 230 seats and 23 general seats of the 36 pairs of women from ethnic minorities.

Publish the names of defaulters: SBP legal constraints

(ECP) detailed disclosure of financial policies, and the next day, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to inform the legal constraints of the name arrears on its website, the electorate.

“Before the release of a person’s name in such a list, it should be notice if such a request, the opportunity for a hearing, the letter to the Secretary ECP Ishtiak SBP ยท Ahmed Khan.

The letter says that “because of legal restrictions and the time required, the name of the location on the website might not be possible.”

However, SBP Shaukat Zaman said the central bank is “any help on this.