Budget 2011-2012 Pakistan important points

Budget 2011-2012 Pakistan important points approved of Pakistan parliament.  Budget 2011-2012 of Pakistan is not a people friendly budget. Lot of new taxes are implemented in Budget 2011-2012 by finance ministry (FBR) Government of Pakistan. Following are the important points of Budget 2011-2012 in Pakistan.

Public Service Development Program (PSDP) —- Rs 730 bn (up 58%)
Development Budget for National Highway Authority (NHA) — Rs 71 bn (up 106%)
Development Budget for Federal Ministries —- Rs 158 bn (up 59%)
Development Budget for Special Program — Rs 33 bn (up 45%)
Development Budget for Special Areas — Rs 28 bn (up 21%)
Development Budget for IRRA — Rs 10 bn (up 38 %)

Break up of PSDP:
Development Budget for Federation has been allocated at Rs 300 bn. Its 57 % of will be spent on infrastructure development; 42 % on Social Sector; Rs16 bn for Education and Higher Education: Rs16.9 bn for Health; Rs20.5 bn for Bhasha Dam; Rs 10.8 for Neelum Jehlum Hydro Power Project; Rs14.6 for Guddu Steam Power and; Rs13.9 have been allocated for Chichuki Miliyan Combined Cycle Power

  • New taxes of Rs 110 Billion rupees will be implemented.
  • GST will be decreased from 17 % to 16 %
  • 10 % increase in Salaries of government emplyees
  • federal exercise duty on cigaret  is removed
  • Prices of Suger , textile items and gas will increase.
  • 70 billion rupees will be collected by removing sales tax discounts.
  • 50 billion will be collected by implementing Gas Levy .
  • Capital gain tax will be relaxed (removed or deferred)for small investor in stock exchange.
  • 300 Billion rupees will be saved from government institutes after reforms.
  • Energy sector losses will be removed and this will save government Rs 160 Billion.
  • 10% will be saved from public welfare projects.
  • Federal government employees to gain 30 % salary increase in Budget 2011 & 2012

As soon as more budget-2011-2012 Pakistan important points will be disclosed we will let you updated.

Budget-2011-12 Pakistan


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