Blast hit in Philippine, 2 killed & 30 injured

Philippines blastBlast hit in Philippine, 2 killed & 30 injured  .A powerful explosion of a grenade has resulted in two people were killed and at least 30 people were injured outside a crowded bar in the south, officials said here.
Colonel Daniel Lucero said, investigators are trying to determine who leave or throw a grenade exploded outside the El Niño phenomenon in Sentro Resto Bar in Iligan City, Saturday night attack. The police found a grenade also damaged a parked vehicle number, and sent panic to escape the chocolatee.Colonel Lucero said last Sunday, but it remains unclear whether Muslim rebels, the “grassroots” organization linked to militants or extortion gangs behind explosion, or if it is caused by civilians in combat.Iligan is an industrial and commercial center. It was against Muslim separatists in the past.