Army promotions; 4 Major Generals promoted to Lieutenant General

pak army logo Army promotions; 4 Major Generals promoted to Lieutenant General. New officers are replaced in recently retired 4 Lieutenant General, according to military resources those who are promoted to Lieutenant General includes Ijaz Chaudhary, Nasir Janjua, Tariq Gillani and Naveed Zaman. Due to retired officers 2 important posts were being vacant, those includes army south command and army strategic force command. From here Lieutenant General Javed Zia and Lieutenant General Jamil hiader are getting retired along with that from POF post Lieutenant General Shuja Zameer and GHQ military sectary post Lieutenant General Mohsin Kamal getting retired. According to military resources promoted Lieutenant General Tariq Gillani will head of atomic weapons, army equipped with missiles & army Strategic force command head now. Lieutenant General Naveed Zaman will new GHQ military sectary, Other 2 officer’s promotion is under consideration. It is also noticed that more Lieutenant Generals are getting retire from army and for more promotion further in current year in December and next year in March promotion board will establish respectively.