5 family members found died in DHA Karachi

family killed5 family members found died in DHA Karachi. The five family members were found dead Tuesday morning in the high-end residential area of the Ministry of Defence, the Express reported.

Cooks and servants of the house came to work as usual in the morning and found the house locked. They told the neighbors, then called the police.

SP Sarfaraz Nawaz, the presence of traces of bullets indicate the possibility of a murder and suicide. According to the official head of the family, Jawad Durrani first killed his children and his wife, and began shooting his suicide.

Police do not exclude intruders or staged the possibility of suicide.

“It is still too early to know exactly what happened,” said the police.

The alleged murder weapon was seized by the police, will be used to match fingerprints.

The police, the dead included Jawad Wajiha wife, his son Rehan, October 1-year-old daughter and a child Rameem years named Arizona

The examiner will determine the time of the murder, the body of the deceased will be transferred to the Jinnah hospital. Parents killed families began arriving in the Department of Defense residence.

Do not worry, the police will continue to investigate and house staff will also be questioned.