3 more buried bodies found from Siachen glacier

Siachen incident3 more buried bodies found from Siachen glacier.Three soldier’s body was recovered April 7 Siachin Gayari their department, a huge snow slide.According to the spokesman said Monday ISPR bodies of two soldiers in the past 24 hours recovery. Of all the institutions of the checkpoint have been identified.Mohammed Hussein, a soldier Shaheed was buried in his hometown (ska), yesterday, while the other two sepoy Sudhnoti Rashid District, Azad Kashmir and the District of Ulysses Ghanche sepoy bodies were sent home town.He said the excavation site of the progress of work, adding, engineers and workers, 48 312 plants, 10 bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks and 18 loaders 9 little work around the clock to restore the rest of the soldiers.