Airline Reservation and Ticketing Agent CV Template

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Beatrice Q. Parkerhouse

Nicholas St., Chester, UK

Phone: 01244-226765


To work as an Airline Reservation and Ticketing Agent for a large hotel or airport transport concessionaire

Professional Experience


2006 – Present: Airline Reservation and Ticketing Agent, British Airways Ticket Office, Chester


  • Observe work schedules as mandated.
  • Secure ticket stocks and ensure their availability throughout work hours
  • Refer to OAG and IATA publications for travel and airport information when required.
  • Perform seat reservation transaction for walk-in and phoned customer requests.
  • Print and issue the IATA airline tickets for walk=in customers or their messengers.
  • Perform single and group bookings as requested.
  • Make accurate airline quotation according to airline tariff structure for the routing, class of service and application of loyalty program discounts when applicable.
  • Process customer courteously and in accordance with booking and ticketing service standards.



  • Excellent command of geography, time zones and nationalities.
  • Average organizational and computational skills
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills to face customers.



Cited by management for high performance rating in 2008 to the present


2003 – 1006: High School Diploma, Sheffield Park Academy, South Yorkshire

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  2. hi im looking to make cv for fresher into aviatrion but experienced into different background

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    Hai..I am looking to make a cv for I complete IATA from Akbar academy….

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    i work as Air ticketing Officer and i need best CV Format for Air Ticketing Officer

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    I have 3 years of experience in airline reservation ticketing international & now want to apply for airline industry please mail me the format & for the same



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  7. Am a fresh IATA graduate, i studies foundation in Travel and Tourism, could you kindly put me through on how to make a freshers cv as i want to change my career to Tour Professional or Ticketing and Reservation Agent

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