Newspapers in Pakistan – List of newspapers published from Pakistan

Following is the list of List of newspapers published from Pakistan in Different Languages. Most of the national newspapers are printed in Urdu and English Languages. Few of the newspapers also have online additions and blogs. So here is the complete collection of Newspaper names in Pakistan.

  • 111 Breaking News [In English]
  • 123 Breaking News (Lahore, Punjab) [In English]
  • 24 Hours Pakistan News (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad) [In English]
  • A Pakistan News (Lahore, Punjab) [In English]
  • A Sports News [In English]
  • A World News (Lahore) [In English]
  • Aaina UK [In Urdu]
  • AAJ Daily [In Urdu]
  • Aalmi Akhbar [In Urdu]
  • Afkarejahan (Gujranwala, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Akhbaar
  • Akhbar-e-Jehan (Karachi)
  • Al-Akhbar (Islamambad)
  • Al-Qalam Online (Peshawar) [In Urdu]
  • Al Qamar (Islamabad) [In Urdu & English available]
  • Apna Dhudial (Punajab, Chakwal, Dhudial) [In Urdu]
  • Apna Jhelum (Jhelum, Chakwal, Sohawa, Dina, Pind Dadan Khan) [In Urdu]
  • Apna Pakistan [In Urdu]
  • Apnajpj (Jalalpurjattan)
  • Apna Pirmahal
  • Apna Rozan [In Urdu]
  • APS Associated Press Service (Islamabad, Rawalpindi) [In Urdu & English]
  • AraienWorld (Punjab) [In Urdu & English]
  • The Asia Inside (Lahore) [In English]
  • Asia News [In English]
  • Associated Press of Pakistan
  • Attock News (Attock City, Punjab)
  • Awaz Online (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Awaz-e-Haq (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Babe Chakwal (Chakwal) [In Urdu]
  • The Baloch Hal (Balochistan) [In English]
  • The Balochistan Post [In English]
  • BBC News [In Urdu]
  • BBC One (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Business Recorder
  • CBNews 1 (Lahore) [In English]
  • Champion PK (Punjab, Balochistan, Kashmir, Sindh) [In English]
  • Chitral News (Chitral)
  • Chitral Times (NWFP, Chitral) [In Urdu & English available]
  • Daily Aaj Kal [In Urdu]
  • Daily Abhaam (Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Ahamulakhbar (Punjab, Islambad)
  • Daily Aitadal
  • Daily Alamgirpost (Sarai Alamgir, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Alfazl (Panjab, Rabwah)
  • Daily Asas (Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi & Faisalabad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Ausaf [In Urdu]
  • Daily Awam Quetta (Quetta) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Awami Awaz (Karachi)
  • Daily Azkaar (Islamabad)
  • Daily Baad-e-Shimal (Gilgit, Baltistan) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Balochistan Express [In English]
  • Daily Beopar Karachi (Sindh, Karachi) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Express (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Sukhar, Gujranwala, Sargodha & Rahim Yar Khan)
  • Daily Chaita (Abbottabad)
  • Daily Chand News [In Urdu]
  • Daily Crimemail (Vehar, Multan, Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Dharti [In Urdu]
  • Daily Dunya Quetta (Quetta) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Explorer (Sindh) [In English]
  • Daily Fai (Punjab, Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Financial Post (Karachi) [In English]
  • Daily Gal Baat (Gujrat, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Daily GujarKhan 2day[In Urdu & English available]
  • Daily Gujranwala Times (Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Gujrat (Gujrat, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Gwadar Times Gwadar (Balochistan) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Hazara News [In Urdu]
  • Daily Hot News (Islamabad) [In English]
  • Daily Ibrat (Hyerabad) [In Sindhi]
  • Daily Ilhaaq (Peshawar) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Indus Post (Karachi, Sindh) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Intekhab
  • Daily Imroz (Sindh, Karachi)
  • Daily Independent (Balochistan, Quetta)
  • Daily Islam (Sindh Punjab Sarhad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Jang [In Urdu]
  • Daily Jammu & Kashmir (Azad kashmir) [In Urdu]
  • The Daily Jasarat
  • Daily Jinnah (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Kashmir Express (Kashmir) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Kawish [In Sindhi]
  • Daily Khabarnama Faisalabad (Faisalabad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Khabrain [In Urdu]
  • The Daily Leader International [In English]
  • Daily Mahasib [In Urdu]
  • Daily Mail (Islamabad)
  • Daily Maizbaan (Gujrat)
  • Daily Mashriq (NWFP / Peshawar)
  • Daily Millat Gujarati & Urdu (Karachi)
  • Daily News Sialkot Pakistan (Punjab, Sialkot) [In Urdu & English]
  • Daily Newsmart (Punjab, Rawalpind) [In English & Urdu]
  • Daily Nijat (Sindh) [In Sindhi]
  • Daily NHT
  • Daily Pakistan (Lahore)
  • The Daily Pakistan (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Pakistan News
  • Daily Pakistan Overseas (Gujrat) [In Urdu & English]
  • Daily Pakistan X Press [In Urdu]
  • Daily Permanent News (Faisalabad)
  • Daily Pirmanhal [In Urdu]
  • Daily Press Conference (Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Punjab (Punjab, Jhelum, Dina) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Qaumi Awaaz Multan (Punjab, Multan) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Qudrat Quetta (Quetta) [In Pashto]
  • Daily Raat (Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Ravi International [In Urdu & English]
  • Daily Rawal News (Islamabad) [In Urdu & English]
  • The Daily Rozan (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Sada-e-Chanar (Azad Jammu & Kashmir) [In Urdu]
  • The Daily Sada-e-Haq (Dera Ismail Khan)
  • Daily Shal Quetta (Balochistan, Quetta) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Shana Bashana (Punjab-Gujrat)
  • Daily Sindh (Sindh) [In Sindhi]
  • Daily Siyaq [In Urdu]
  • Daily Surathal Faisalabad (Faisalabad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Surkhab Peshawar Pakistan
  • Daily Siyaq (Peshawar) []In Urdu
  • Daily Talib Quetta (Quetta) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Taqat (Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Muzaffarabad, Bahawalpur, Fasialabad, Gujrawala, Sailkot) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Times (Lahore) [In English]
  • Daily Ummat (Karachi) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Universal Recorder (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Walayat News [In Urdu]
  • Daily Waqt (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Daily Zaat (Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • Daisperdais News (Punjab, Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • Dawn [In English]
  • Daytime [In Urdu & English]
  • DhartiPakistan [In English]
  • Dhudial2day Online Newspaper (Chakwal)
  • Dhudialnama (Dhudial, Chakwal, Punjab)
  • Dina (Dina, Jhelum, Sohawa, P.D.Khan) [In Urdu]
  • Dhudial News (Punjab, Chakwal) [In Urdu]
  • The Exclusive News [In English]
  • Fai (Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • The Financial Daily (Karachi, Lahore) [In English]
  • Free Hand News (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • The Friday Times [In English]
  • The Frontier Post (Peshawar) [In English]
  • Geo Jhelum (Jhelum, Dina, P.D.Khan, Shoawa, Mirpur, Sarai Alamgir) [In Urdu]
  • Geo News (Lahore) [In English]
  • Global Press International (Gujrat)
  • Gujarkhannews (Gujarkhan, Dina, Jhelum & Rawalpindi) [In Urdu, English & Potohari]
  • Gujar Khan 2day (Gujar Khan) [In Urdu & English available]
  • Gujart News [In Urdu]
  • GUJP News (Rawalpindi) [In Urdu]
  • Gujrat News (Gujrat Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Herald [In English]
  • Hi Pakistan
  • The Ideal Pakistan [In Urdu & English]
  • Intime News Network (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Independent News Pakistan (Islamabad) [In Urdu & English available]
  • Indo-Pakistan [In English]
  • [In Urdu]
  • Information Times
  • International News Network
  • Intime News Network (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Isponline (Punjab) [In English]
  • Jasarat (Karachi)
  • The Jazba (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Jazba International (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Jazba Pakistan (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Jazba Post (Karachi Sindh) [Urdu]
  • The Jhelum (Jhelum, Dina, P.D.Khan, Shoawa) [Urdu]
  • Jhelum News (Jhelum, Punjab)
  • Jhelum Times (Punjab, Jhelum)
  • Jhelum Views (Jhelum, Mirpur, Dina, Sohawa) [In Urdu]
  • Jinahe [In Urdu]
  • Jurat International [In Urdu]
  • Karachi Updates (Karachi) [In Urdu]
  • Kasheer (Rawalpindi) [In Urdu]
  • Kashmir Media Service
  • Kashmir Observer (Kashmir) [In English]
  • Kashmir International (Muzafrabad)
  • Kashmir International (Pakistan & Azad Kashmir)
  • Kashmir Watch
  • Khabria Sargodha (Sargodha, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Khabrain International (Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Kharian City (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Khushbu
  • Khyber Mail (Peshawar)
  • The Khyber Voice
  • Kohetoor (karachi)
  • kunjah Times International (punjab, gujrat, kunjah) [In Urdu]
  • Lahore Updates (Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Lovely Pakistan (Lahore/Islamabad/Karachi)
  • LivePakistan (Lahore) [In English]
  • Mianwali News (Mianwali, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Merawattan (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Millat Online
  • Minhaj-ul-Quran
  • Mirpur (Mirpur, Kashmir)
  • Muqadma (Karachi) [In Urdu]
  • Muslim World Today [In English]
  • Nai Tazi
  • The Nation
  • Naveedezia (Punjab, Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • National Geographic News (Sialkot, Punjab) [In English & Urdu]
  • Nawa-e-Islam (Karachi & Sindh) [In Urdu]
  • Nawai-i-Waqt (Lahore)
  • News 1 World (Punjab Faisalabad) [In Urdu]
  • The News International
  • News Network International
  • Nowshera District Online (Nowshera)
  • One Pakistan (National) [In Hindi & English]
  • Online Akhbar
  • Online Pakistan News (Lahore, Punjab) [In English]
  • Pak Watan
  • Pakcorn (Islamabad) [In English]
  • Pakistan Christian New (Lahore, Punjab) [In English]
  • Pakistan Daily [In English]
  • Pakistan Dot JP [In Urdu]
  • Pakistan Election News (Punjab, Islamabad) [In English]
  • Pakistan Link
  • Pakistan News Service
  • Pakistan Observer [In English]
  • Pakistan Online (Karachi) [In English]
  • Pakistan Today (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • [In English]
  • The Pakistani Newspaper
  • The Pak News (Internation) [In English]
  • Pakistan Times (Islamabad) [In English]
  • The Pakistani Times (Sialkot) [In English]
  • (Punjab) [In English]
  • PakPositive [In English]
  • PakTribune (National)
  • Payara Jalalpur Jattan (Jalalpur Jattan) [In Urdu]
  • Pehchaan
  • The Post (National)
  • (Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Kallar Syedan, Kahuta, Kotli Satian, United Kingdom) [In Urdu, English & Potohari]
  • Press Conference (Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • Pride News [In English & Urdu]
  • Pirmahal News (Punjab, Pirmahal) [In Urdu]
  • Pukar News (Gujrat, Punjab) [In Urdu & English]
  • Qiyadat (Karachi) [In Urdu]
  • Regional Times of Sindh (Sindh) [In English]
  • Roznama Express (Sind, Panjab, Pishawar) [In Urdu]
  • Roznama Pakistan (Punjab, Islamabad)
  • Sada-e-Haq (Bannu, D.I.Khan)
  • Sada-e-Waqt (Azad Kashmir, Islamabad, Rawalpindi)
  • Sada-e-Watan Sydney (Sydney, Australia) [In Urdu & English available]
  • Saltnat (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Shan e Kotla (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Shanakht [In Urdu]
  • Shia News [In Urdu]
  • Sindh Week (Sindh, Karachi) [In English]
  • The Rose News (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • South Asia Tribune [In English]
  • Star News (Quetta, Balochistan) [In English]
  • The Statesman (Peshawar)
  • Student News [In English]
  • The Sun International (Lahore) [In English]
  • Talagang Updates (Punjab, Chakwal, Talagang) [In Urdu]
  • Tarkeen E Watan (Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Tasweer-E-Wattan (Gujrat, Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Times [In English]
  • Times of Pakistan
  • Times of Pakistan
  • Umeed-e-jahan International (Sindh Karachi) [In Urdu]
  • Urdu24 (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Urdu Chain (Punjab, Gujar, Khan) [In Urdu]
  • (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Urdu News Room (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Urdu Point
  • UrduPower (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • Urdu Times [In Urdu]
  • Urdu (Gujarkhan) [In Urdu]
  • Urdu Waqt (Gujranwala) [In Urdu]
  • Urooj [Urdu]
  • Uthaan (Gujrat) [Urdu]
  • Voice Of Asia (Punjab Lahore) [In Urdu]
  • Voice Of Japan [In Urdu]
  • Voice Of Lahore [In Urdu]
  • Voice Of Moscow (Russia, Moscow) [In Urdu]
  • Wahdat Daily (Peshawar / NWFP) [In Pustho]
  • Web Tv (Gujrat) [In Urdu]
  • Weekly Asia (Lahore)
  • Weekly Cutting Edge (Lahore) [In English]
  • Weekly Ghazwa (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Weekly Independent (Lahore) [In English]
  • Weekly ManzarAbbottabad (Abbottabad) [In Urdu]
  • Weekly Nizam (Punjab) [In Urdu]
  • Weekly Pakistani (Islamabad) [In Urdu]
  • The World Trade Review (Islamabad) [In English]
  • World Tribune Pakistan (Islamabad) [In English & Urdu]

In Pakistan newspapers mostly discuss news, fashion , politics, movies , social issues and sports

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