1. Qismat ali shah s/o jalil shah Qulificatinn. M.A (islamyat) .M.A(Arabic) M.ed= B.ed= CT= PTC=Hafez-e-QURAN AND. Qirat

    Personal Data:
    Father’s Name ABDUL RASHID
    Date of Birth
    CNIC No. 15-03-1984
    Postal Address Mohalla Sadiq Abad Street No. 02 Chowk Sarai Kala Taxila
    Permanent Address Mohalla Sadiq Abad Street No. 02 Chowk Sarai Kala Taxila
    Contact Nos. 0514546693, 0514327890, 03025586566
    Domicile Punjab (R. Pindi)
    E-mail adnanrashid100@yahoo.com

    Academic Qualification:

    Qualification Main Subjects Div / Marks / %
    Institute/ Board

    M. Sc Applied Mathematics
    (with Statistics as compulsory paper) 1st Div; GPA,2.5
    University of Wah, Wah Cantt.
    B. Sc Math A Course, Math B Course, Physics 2nd Div., 396/800, (~50%) F.G Science Degree College Wah Cantt.
    F. Sc Pre Engineering 1st Div., 669/1100
    (~61%) Govt. Degree College Taxila.
    S. S. S Science 1st Div., 564/850
    (~66%) R. Pindi Board.
    B.ED in progress

    Computer Skills:
    • Six Months CIT (Certificate of Information Technology)
    • Expert in MS Office, Internet, Typing, Windows
    Teaching Experience: MORE THAN FIVE YEARS Hashmi Cantt college $ in academies)
    • Study of different literature regarding Religion, Science and Computer.

    • Playing Cricket, Football, Badminton, etc.

  3. NEED JOB.

  4. qari hafeezur rehman

    I am from batgram and pathan family. I have experience of 12 years of imamat, khitabat, muderris of deoband maktaba-fikr. If there is any seat for imamat, khitabat or muderris please contact me. izatwaqar@gmail.com 03332275591 qari hafeezur rehman

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