Abasyn University Peshawar

Abasyn University PeshawarAll Admissions and Entry Test in Abasyn University Peshawar. Abasyn University Peshawar and all other admissions in Universities and colleges of Pakistan. Abasyn University Peshawar results ,merit lists , scholarships and students comments. All admissions in Karachi , Lahore ,Islamabad , Peshawar , Rawalpindi , Quetta and all other cities of Pakistan.

Abasyn University Peshawar Admissions

Abasyn University Peshawar Admissions for,Offering Diploma In Computer & Technology,Eligibility: Bscs & B.S In Computer Science & Engineering, Offering Diploma In Management Science,Eligibility: BBA, Bachelor's in Business Administration,Date of Submission: 23 Aug 2014,Apply at:Contact # 091-2247264 & Website is: www.abasyn.edu.pk

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